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MSO Development to Mitigate
Risk, Lower Costs, Drive Revenues,
and Maintain Autonomy
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Complete Healthcare Revenue
Cycle Management to Maximize
Your Collections
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IT Infrastructure and Practice
Optimization Solutions to Boost
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Welcome to Avosina Medical Technologies.

Our host of solutions help private practice physicians remain autonomous and thrive independently by:  

  • Maximizing revenue collections
  • Increasing monthly cash flow
  • Optimizing IT infrastructure
  • Slashing vendor costs and admin expenses
  • Mitigating practice risks and liabilities

Proven Success in Helping Physicians

The Problem Physicians Face:

The average medical practice only collects 80% to 85% of valid claims revenue and takes over 40 days to capture A/R.  Furthermore, it often take up to a week to submit claims. These low revenue collection rates, delays in cash flow, and lack of billing productivity are disastrous for the sustainability of private medical practices, ultimately resulting in a failure for the practice thrive independently and a loss of autonomy.  

Avosina's Solution:

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Physicians Served

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Average Days in A/R

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Daily Claims Submission Time

Solutions to Help Your Practice Thrive


The inspiration for developing Avosina began in 2009, when Dr. Alidad Arabshahi, MD sought to streamline medical device supply chain needs by creating While forming this enterprise, Dr. Arabshahi recognized…


MISSION: To empower healthcare providers with every resource available to enable them to thrive autonomously with maximum potential profitability.

VISION: To fully harness the robust infrastructure of our RCM, IT, and Security expertise, coupled with…


Avosina Medical Technologies is an RCM, IT Management, and technology-focused MSO Enablement Firm owned by physicians to empower healthcare providers with every available resource, driving practices to thrive autonomously with maximum…

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