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To empower healthcare providers with every resource available to enable them to thrive autonomously with maximum potential profitability.

Our Story

The inspiration for developing Avosina began in 2009, when Dr. Alidad Arabshahi, MD sought to streamline medical device supply chain needs by creating medconsumerratings.com. While forming this enterprise, Dr. Arabshahi recognized that, beyond supply acquisition, there was a truly dire need to help physicians remain autonomous by optimizing all components of practice management. To advance his business acumen in understanding client needs and generating solutions to client challenges, Dr. Arabshahi attended Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business to obtain his MBA. He was inspired to pivot his business concept to meet the total needs that medical practices sought in the most cost-effective and high-quality manner possible. Herein sprouted the foundation for Avosina, forming in 2015, when Dr. Arabshahi joined with another private practice owner, Dr. Pratik Desai, MD to create a firm that leverages the experience of an established RCM company with the expertise of information technology, international business, and most importantly, actual real-world medical practice ownership, leadership, and management. Despite practicing in different specialties, both physicians were encountering the same industry-wide challenges that all private practice physicians are facing today. They distilled these challenges down into a single question and goal: how to thrive autonomously and maximize revenue collections while simultaneously remaining compliant with the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry?

Both physicians recognized opportunity in the obstacles they faced, and so they set out to update an antiquated system. First, the team began by creating a data-mining, analytics, and reporting software called HalaX. This tool allowed them to make informed decisions about their money and the future directions of their practices. Soon after the implementation of the HalaX software, they saw the fruits of their labor reflected in decreased net costs and increased net revenue.

The physicians now had a proof-of-concept in the profit-driving utility of HalaX, so they turned their attention towards the billing side of their own private practices. Their in-house billing departments burgeoned staffing expenses, limited value, handicapped cash flow due to absenteeism, and delayed claim submissions due to limited work hours/capacities; their forays into outsourcing their billing proved to be lacking quality control/oversight and absolutely oblivious to the actual needs of a private practice from the perspective of physicians/owners. With the powerful analytical software in place, capable of sitting atop any and all EMR/PM systems, they formed their own Revenue Cycle Management company based on their vision of what an outsourced billing and management company should be. They enjoyed rapid local growth, and in 2019, they acquired a local well-respected medical billing and IT company. This acquisition successfully hybridized offshore billing with onshore oversight, account management, and customer service, thereby overcoming many of the complications that prevent the outsourcing model from being effective and profitable. With their enhanced foundational infrastructure in place, Avosina has furthered its endeavors by forming a professional healthcare consulting arm as well as a full-fledged Management Service Organization (MSO) Development division to help private practices thrive while removing the many of the headaches that come with the practice of medicine in this era.

Today, Avosina is a Healthcare Consulting, IT, and RCM firm created by physicians for physicians that integrates billing expertise with advanced data-mining and analytics software in order to help providers realize their maximum collection potential. By coalescing internal expertise with external professional partnerships, Avosina has amassed a team, network, and scalable systems that establish all the elements of an MSO to fully optimize private practices and help physician thrive.

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To fully harness the robust internal infrastructure of our RCM, IT, and Security expertise coupled with our vast external professional healthcare management and leadership networks in order to develop a world-class MSO to continually maximize our clients profits and drive the development of prosperous, hassle-free private practice independence.

Problems We Solve

1. Remain autonomous in capturing maximum potential collections while reducing high billing costs

2. Consolidating data and turning the analysis of that data into actionable solutions

3. Compliance with government programs (MIPS) and stringent payer requirements

4. Transparency between the clinical and billing teams

5. Staff integration, training, and management in order to seamlessly marry the front-end staff with the back-end process

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RCM Results

We have the infrastructure to support large claim volume while maintaining a top-tier quality at high-performance benchmark levels.  We have leveraged our experience and resources to develop automated systemic controls to prevent manual/human input errors in the billing process.


Dr. Alidad Arabshahi, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Pratik Desai, MD

Chief Medical Officer


Linda Burke

Chief Operating Officer


Evan Burke

VP, Account Management

Murali Saravanan

VP, International Operations

Willie Collins

VP, IT Services

Amar Chauhan, MBA

VP, Strategic Growth & Marketing